⏳😅 Practice Exam-Lung Cancer

Practice Exam

Respiratory Therapists perform important functions in the evaluation and management of patients with lung cancer. Because many of these patients are smokers, they have smoking-related lung disorders (e.g., COPD).

This Practice Exam will test your knowledge and skill in:

  • histopathologic types of bronchogenic carcinoma

  • most common treatments for patients with non–small cell lung cancer
  • clinical manifestations of bronchogenic carcinoma

  • treatmen options for stages of Lung Cancer
  • smoking cessation training
  • guidance on the proper use of inhaled medications
  • the use of supplemental O2
  • the role of pulmonary rehabilitation before and after treatment
  • diagnostic tests such as bronchoscopy and pulmonary function

  • psychologic support and help


In the current environment of value-based care in which all health care providers must function at the “top of their license,” RTs are increasingly at the frontline of diagnosis and may be the first health care provider that

patients see in evaluation for dyspnea.

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