⏳😅 Practice Exam-Interstitial Lung Disease

Practice Exam

Respiratory Therapists assess and treat outpatients with Interstitial Lung Diseases in several ways. This practice exam will test you knowledge and skill in:

  • assessingb lung function to quantify disease burden and serial changes in lung function (eg., spirometry, lung volume, DLCO, 6-minute walk distance & saturation)
  • determining supplemental O2 requirements at rest and with exertion and recommend appropriate delivery amount, mode, and source of O2

  • outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation

  • administration of inhaled pentamidine

  • assessing needs of patients with Interstitial Lung Disease when admitted to hospita (eg., assessing supplemental

    O2 needs, proper mode, need for intubation and mechanical ventilation)

  • recommending and delivering appropriate bronchodilators or inhaled corticosteroids

  • monitoring patients with Interstitial Lung Disease


In the current environment of value-based care in which all health care providers must function at the “top of their license,” RTs are increasingly at the frontline of diagnosis and may be the first health care provider that

patients see in evaluation for dyspnea.

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