⏳😅 Practice Exam-Disorders of Sleep

Practice Exam

Respiratory Therapists provide a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of OSA (special certification in Sleep Technology is usually required at the state/provincial/national level). 

This Practice Exam will test your knowledge and skill in:

  • the 3 types of sleep apnea and risk factors

  • accurate diagnosis of OSA

  • first-line medical therapy for OSA

  • surgical therapy for OSA

  • oral appliances for OSA

  • auto-titrating positive airway pressure devices (auto-CPAP or auto–bilevel PAP)

  • Bilevel PAP

  • encouraging and recommending diagnostic testing by discussion with the patient or the managing physician or both

  • monitor patients for abnormal breathing during sleep or other clinical clues that may prompt further clinical action

  • see patients in their home and help manage the CPAP or bilevel PAP machines, interfaces, and supplemental O2

  • care for patients recovering from surgery or participating in rehabilitation programs for weight loss or improvement in cardiopulmonary function

  • facilitation between physician and patient to enable education, identify obstacles to therapy, and improve overall compliance


In the current environment of value-based care in which all health care providers must function at the “top of their license,” RTs are increasingly at the frontline of diagnosis and may be the first health care provider that

patients see in evaluation for dyspnea.

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