⏳😅 Practice Exam-Neuromuscular Other Chest Wall Diseases

Practice Exam

Respiratory Therapists perform important functions in the evaluation and management of patients with neuromuscular disease which are chronic, progressive conditions that evolve into respiratory failure over time.

Respiratory Therapists caring for these patients need to be familiar with

the course and symptoms of neuromuscular progression, so they can

provide appropriate diagnostic testing and the right therapy at the right time.

This Practice Exam will test your knowledge and skill in:

  • components of the neuromuscular system that affect respiration

  • common neuromuscular disorders that cause respiratory


  • abnormal curvature of the spine

  • flail chest

  • close monitoring of respiratory symptoms and function

  • making decisions as to when to begin a new supportive therapy

  • spirometry and maximal respiratory pressuresmaneuvers

  • explanation and use of respiratory devices such as noninvasive ventilation and cough assist technology

  • education, reinforcement, and troubleshooting of respiratory devices

  • providing longitudinal support

  • helping patients understand and cope with their chronic diseases


In the current environment of value-based care in which all health care providers must function at the “top of their license,” RTs are increasingly at the frontline of diagnosis and may be the first health care provider that

patients see in evaluation for dyspnea.

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