Career Development Course

Career Development Course


(This course is 100% online and self-paced, and targeting learners in undergraduate healthcare studies as well as other professional studies)


The demand for competent, critically thinking healthcare professionals is a growing need in most countries. Helping learners to master the skills needed to succeed in the classroom as well as a healthcare professional has the greater benefit of providing society with competent, caring employees needed to fill the growing number of positions available now and in the future.


Learning how to study and other school success skills are directly related to job success in healthcare. This course is intended to help students in allied healthcare programs improve the quality of their own lives, get the most from their education, and make meaningful contributions to the lives of others.


This course is full of tips and strategies that help you learn the skills required to achieve 4 important goals:

  • successfully complete your educational program
  • think and act like a professional
  • find the right jobs
  • achieve long-term career success


  • Benefits

    The study, life, and professional skills covered in this course are applicable to all health care occupations, with on-the-job examples presented throughout the textbook that are drawn from a variety of health care settings

    This course is designed to be flexible and can meet a variety of course and learning contexts, such as:

    • orientation and study skills classes for new students
    • introductory health care courses
    • professional development courses
    • job search courses
    • academic refresher and review classes
    • a supplement to health care specialty courses: 
      • to expand oral and written communication skills
      • to teach note taking, research, and test-taking strategies
      • to enhance personal organization and problem-solving skills
      • to teach soft skills and professionalism
      • for independent study in which students work on developing specific skills
      • as a reference course for students to use for help with their study, organizational, and job search needs
      • to help students with learning disabilities to succeed in school
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