Pulmonary PRO consulting services have made a big difference for many of our customers.  We focus on Performance Management, Quality Audits, Strategic Planning, Service-Line Development, and Advocacy.  Through our consultation services, we ensure that all details are effective, seamless and handled in a timely manner.  Whenever you work with Pulmonary PRO, we help you reach your goals.


  • Advocacy

    Consulting services to help promote best practices and patient safety for clinical delivery and service management in Respiratory Therapy

    Service Examples


    • Advocating for the consistency, standardization, and professional leadership for Respiratory Therapy at provincial, state, and national government


    • Providing expert knowledge and insight to supports safe, quality patient care for Respiratory Therapy services


    • Writing and developing job expectations, scope of practice initiatives, and/or performance standards for a Respiratory Therapy service department, multiple  departments across a system, and/or at the state or national level


    Conducting and coordinating performance audits of Respiratory Therapy services

    Service Examples
    • Audit Respiratory Therapy department performance, and/or multiple Respiratory Therapy service departments across a system against quality standards

    • Review Respiratory Therapy performance within a multidisciplinary environment to identify improvement opportunities

    • Evaluate teaching and learning activities for effectiveness

  • Performance

    We provide strategic planning, service-development, and performance management

    Service Examples
    • Develop an integrated quality performance structure within a department, across multiple departments, and/or for Respiratory Therapy service across a region or state

    • Implementing performance management initiatives based on  audit data or customer complaint

    • Initiating or upgrading clinical service-line(s)

    • Leading strategic interventions to re-align Respiratory Therapy services with desired patient-care outcomes and/or new organizational initiatives

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