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Dale Bruce Dearing, MSc RRT
Managing Director, and Chief Consultant

Mr. Dearing is a creative, experienced Respiratory Therapist with a extraordinary background in clinical care, management, service development, and education. He was born in BC Canada the youngest child in a christian minister's family, and believes that principled upbringing empowers his passion for quality patient care. Upon graduating from Loma Linda University in Respiratory Therapy he joined the Loma Linda University Overseas Heart Surgery Team to start a cardiac surgery program in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. That early heart surgery program has grown to become the Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, a premier accredited cardiac services hospital renowned across the Middle East and beyond. From this formative experience Dale has gone on to successive roles at organizations in Vancouver, Canada, Sacramento California, St. John’s Antigua and Barbuda, and Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Dale has drawn on his attention to detail and ability to organize, communicate, teach, and inspire, as he progressed through supervisory, management, faculty, quality & accreditation, and hospital executive roles. Now as managing director and chief consultant for Pulmonary PRO, all these experiences - and the many unique challenges that came with each while working and living internationally - inform his ability to guide, teach, audit, manage, and lead quality initiatives and strategic change at the individual, department, service, organization, and system levels.


Dale's abiding passion for patient safety and quality performance, and his congenial ability to organize and ensure optimal delivery, is matched by his deep understanding of the critical relationship between competency development and performance management. His extensive experiences, passion for excellence, leadership and teaching abilities, and collaborative approach will genuinely help departments, organizations, and systems bring simplicity and order to delivering advanced respiratory care services that operate with power and precision.

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